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First off a moan at some of the moaners:

Yeah, it would have been great to hear some of my favourite Todd 'oldies' but that's not what you get, he could have played all of 'Liars' only and I've been ecstatic but as it was he didn't play my favourites; "Stood Up", "Wondering" or "Afterlife", as the man says 'get over yourselves!' What other 56 year old rock musician would tour with a set list like Todd? Until he plays a Greatest Hits Tour (and I'm sure he will) I'm just privileged to have witnessed Todd live for the first time in my life.

My only moans would be at elements that TR has no control over: the subdued atmosphere, the lack of merchandising, and my car not starting after the show, meaning it took me an hour and a half to get home on the tram. But these were minor distractions from a superb evening's entertainment.

Having read the previous reviews and knowing pretty much what the set list was, I must say it all made perfect sense to me; the first half being what I would call the "Truth and Lies" concept part, with "....ISP" and "Godsaid" particular highlights, even "Mammon" which I must admit I was a little baffled by on record with it's Sisters of Mercy overtones made sense live and was bombastic without being overbearing.

Yes, perhaps "Green Onions" did go on a little bit too long ( I could have done with a different instrumental) but the band were enjoying themselves and I'm convinced Jesse breaks his guitar string on purpose! Anyway the 'Lounge' second half was absolutely brilliant, "Sweet" and "Past" were superb, the "Born To Synthesize" extended jam was better than I would have believed, particularly as an errant car alarm caused TR to stop the music with a comment about somebody getting that kettle. "Feel It" was awesome, "Want of a Nail had a sprinkling of people dancing. And then the encores: I dashed down the front for "Hello It's Me" and managed to get a quick shake of Todd's hand (I won't wash it again!) and then the finale of "JoV" which had the hairs on my neck standing up, although I was a little disappointed that it didn't lead to a mass sing-along, surely everyone knows the words?? Anyway the band got a mass standing ovation and then He was gone, not for another 10 years we trust? In the meantime, I'll treasure this evening long after my car has rusted into oblivion.

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7/18/2004 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, England

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