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I'm confused , very confused.

Some people have had a few bad words to say about the sound and others not, so who's kidding who.

First of all I aint a moaner and any set list Todd wants to play is alright by me. Furthermore I certainly wouldn't attempt to tell Todd how to "build a guitar solo ", as some previous clown/reviewer tried to.

But to my ears the sound at this gig was absolutely dreadful. The system was lacking in power and the instruments (including Todds' voice) had no clarity whatsoever.

Now I wasn't the only one saying this so I don't think I've gone totally mental ,(not yet anyway).

With that said any gig review is pointless but as the great Winston C. once said (alright , Todds' name has replaced the word alcohol) " I've taken a great deal more out of Todd than Todds' taken out of me".

So this hiccup is exactly just that . Please come again soon with a "meaty beaty big and bouncy" sound system.

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7/18/2004 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, England

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