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I last so Todd at the Glasgow Apollo during the RA tour many moons ago,and was really looking forward to this gig. I had read some of the reviews on this site of the previous UK gigs,so i knew there was no chance of a greatest hits tour. So my opinion of the night is as follows.

1. The venue was good ( acoustic wise).

2 The songs during the 1st half where good (i will be buying the new album on the strength of what i heard).

3 Todd's voice was great on most numbers (it cracked a couple of times, but this is live not memorex).

4 The band where more than adequate, they looked like they where enjoying themselves and not just going through the motions.

5 The second half destroyed my friends who left 3 songs before the end (silly bastards).

I was down at the front and apart from my friends leaving , everyone else was dancing and singing and enjoying themselves,especially during the encores H.I.M. and J.O.V.

Todd can still make a guitar sing, and when Kasim played the riff from The 7 Rays there was a big cheer from the crowd.

So to end this review i would say i enjoyed the gig, my friends didnt.Maybe next time Todd will do a greatest hits tour and play 7Rays, The Wheel, Utopia theme,The Ikon and for my friends Singring and the glass guitar.

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7/17/2004 - Glasgow Carling Academy - Glasgow, Scotland

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