Todd Rundgren & The Liars, Glasgow Carling Academy, 17th July 2004

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This was my first chance to see Todd Rundgren in 27 years of being a fan after first buying Ra in Jan 1977 and I must say I wasn't in the least bit disappointed. Todd obviously has a wide range of material that he (and critics) can draw on, and I came knowing that this certainly wasn't going to be a greatest hits night. Having a few months to become familiar with the new album certainly helped and he played most of the best songs off this (although personally speaking I'd have preferred to hear 'Happy Anniversary' or 'Stood Up' in place of 'Flaw'). The set list was as described by Jim Sutherland , but with 'Hello It's Me' and 'Just One Victory' as encores - so we didn't get 'Love Science', possibly because the band came on 20 mins late.

I must say that much of the criticism I've read, particularly of the London show, gives credence to the reasoning of Robert Fripp, who now refuses to play there - after all Todd had the critics sussed in 1975 ("you get your records for nothing and you call each other names"). I thought the band as a whole played really well, there were a couple of flubs and technical problems (as usual it took a couple of songs to get the house mix right). People seem to have really ripped into the 'Green Onions' cover but personally I thought it was a great tongue in cheek way to start up the 2nd "soul" half of the concert. The jazzed up 'Born To Synthesise' was done really well (with snatches of 'Marriage of Heaven and Hell' as well as 'Hammer in My Heart', 'The Seven Rays' and even a hint of 'Singring' in Kasims bass solo), another slice of Todd's humour which has always been a part of his music - but it could probably have been shortened a little. I think the band really responded to the audience and it was a nice touch by someone to throw up a Hawaiian garland for Todd during the encore.

I just hope that Todd doesn't leave it another 20 odd years to return to Scotland, and it would also be nice if he was to visit the capital for a change.

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7/17/2004 - Glasgow Carling Academy - Glasgow, Scotland

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