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On sat night We were treated to the the hermits return to Glasgow and a welcome return it was .My body vibrated with the energy and due to close proximity to the stage vibration from the sound it wasnt only todd that was having problems with the sound engineer..a set that built up to the costume change the wizard to the lounge singer...perhaps leaving some of the younger concert goers perplexed having been taken by the parents who still have RA on the turntable and expecting a yellow jumpsuited beenpole with meat and two veg stuffed down his trouser leg not around his waste..

Comments on the performance ranged (in the gents Toilet I must Say during "synthesised" which if BOB DYLAN can rework so can Todd) from the heritical" the worst concert Ive ever been to said one punter"to bad sound and he mumbles all his lyrics...from another...and one Not grey haired lad saying I only came cos my dad bought the ticket...sorry mate

what i attended was Todd ...Challenging as always... creative and as with every time I have seen or heard him wheither in a field in 1979 or concert hall in glasgow ..Just Todd

As the song said...I saw faces that i hadnt seen for so many years some of them had changed and names were forgotten.

But When I walked out I new My 20 had been well spent.

Todd ..dont make it such a long time.

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7/17/2004 - Glasgow Carling Academy - Glasgow, Scotland

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