Glasgow 17th July 2004

Review by David Jeffrey (Switch to

First of all let me say that overall the gig was brilliant. The set , sound , vocals and band were top class. Every time Todd picked up his guitar we new we were in for a treat.

The choice of the songs may have have upset some people but hey ! this IS Todd ! if, like some of the folk around me, you were annoyed at the amount of "new" songs - keep up to date with his material and "faithfully" buy them as they come out like the rest of us. People who moaned about no "Singring"... or "Ikon" really need to watch a Utopia DVD instead . Again , this is Todd.

The only thing I would moan is to say that sometimes the choice in the new stuff was odd , ie "Beloved Infidel" instead of say "The Surf Talks" or "Feel It " instead of "Expresso"?

But little grumbles apart , it was so good to see him again.Hope it is not too long again (if he ever comes back)

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7/17/2004 - Glasgow Carling Academy - Glasgow, Scotland

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