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I have been fortunate to have seen Todd on three occasions Ė supporting Led Zeppelin at Knebworth in 1979, on his solo tour in 1982 and tonight. Like his albums, no two experiences were the same. Like other reviewers, I had the benefit of knowing what was coming through previous reviews and it didnít lessen the impact of the gig one little bit. Todd may be older and a little heavier, but he can still sing like there is no tomorrow (during Liar I thought he might just pass away, such was the effort he put into it!). I was worried pre-gig by some of the poor reviews from the London concert, but I can only assume those making the negative comments havenít kept up with Todd throughout his career Ė this was more of a TR-i show than a Todd Rundgren show. He continues to move forward. Lets hope it isnít so long before the next CD and tour Ė heís been away too long.

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7/17/2004 - Glasgow Carling Academy - Glasgow, Scotland

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