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The last time I saw Todd was in Agoura Hills' Canyon Club in California in November, where he was playing solo to a room filled with diners - a bit of a change here !

After reading the reviews for the London show, I must admit to being aprehensive as to what Todd and the Liars were going to bring to Glasgow.

After waiting for what seemed ages ( on stage about 8.20 ), and feeling decidedly peckish for a curry after listening to about an hour of indian piped music through the Academy's sound system, Todd opened superbly with Truth - clad in a very "Omega Man" hooded robe, and looking very spooky !!

The first half continued apace, with the heavy beat tracks in Liars being given an airing - the Academy did not have the same acoustic problems as reported in London. and the flooring excellently vibrated the insoles during one of the opening numbers.

Green Onions was played to appreciation ( appreciated for those in the know to disappear to the bar to get the round in !! )

As reported, not much crowd interraction by Todd for most of the concert ( he did appear to "interract" several times with the sound engineer however - not a happy bunny with him ), however he eventually came round, and seemed genuinely grateful for the support - excellent Glaswegian accent by Mr. T it must also be said !

Well filled venue ( about 80% capacity I would guess at GF, however the Upper level wasn't used, therefore well below capacity. Therefore very easy to wander about, and getting almost to the front of the stage was quite easy ( very laid back crowd allowed this - well, the average age was slightly over 12 !! )

So, for myself, the good points - superb opening / isolated & rare but highly enjoyable solos by Todd / excellent visual concert despite the minamalist set / great encores with HIM & J1V.

Bad points - the first half could have done with just a couple of back catalogue numbers to break up the Liars contingent ( I know that it is a Liars tour, but the speakers do need a wee break in the first hour ) / not enough of Todd on guitar / Todd needs a bit of colouring to do rapping / 20 years between Scottish shows.

Overall, a very enjoyable night - wonder how much more memorable it would have been in the Barrowlands ?

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7/17/2004 - Glasgow Carling Academy - Glasgow, Scotland

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