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Sorry guys I tend to go along with the “it was disappointing” crew! Why? Well..

1. The sound was awful – It can be great at the RFH (witness the Brian Wilson shows).
2. A weak set list – more on that in a moment.
3. The destruction of a couple of songs.

Liars is Todd’s best since Nearly Human the best material such as “sweet” would stand up well in the company of most of his material, indeed having more classics around it would show how good the best Liars stuff is. Some guy kept on calling for “Love of the common man” yes that would have fitted in well with the gig. I’m not calling for a greatest Hits type show but “Trapped” “Real Man”, “Couldn’t I just tell you” & “Time Heals” for instance would have been welcome.

Born to synthesise was a waste of time as was Green Onions (As were the costume changes!).

“Hello It’s me” is a classic, but I for one prefer it the old way, its all about opinions I know & that is mine!

JOV showed how it could have been, I rated the show 6/10 – I enjoyed the night but it could have been so much better.

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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