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I’ve read the other reviews with a mixture of sadness & disbelief…..

The show was magnificent….the choice of material was fine (apart from the covers) the sound was around 95%...its live music for heavens sake!!

The drums sounded fantastic and the drumming was impeccable.

The stage set was a pleasant change from the norm and the lighting was great. Anyone who witnessed the NWO tour knew not to expect the norm and we all know TR likes innovation.

I can’t remember all of the songs but “past” was beautifully executed and the playing throughout was superb. I was pleased to hear a few from Nearly Human which is my favourite album. (“Fidelity” would have topped things off but what the heck)

We had a great night and find it incredible that some folks want Todd to personally cram all of their personal favourites from a 30 odd year back catalogue into 2 hours ‘cause they couldn’t be bothered to go and see him before…did they expect him to do a “greatest hits” set ?

I sang along like a little kid all evening despite my advancing years, and much to the annoyance of the woman next door.

What did spoil the evening (until the last 2 songs) was the fact that we sat down during the show, that’s not unusual in these type of venues, but on the other hand when you are less than 6’ its no fun being surrounded by ‘Herman Munster’ type figures as you can’t see, only hear.

I was slightly surprised to see Jesse changing his own string when it broke (despite him having a spare guitar at his side)

Also good to hear Beloved Infidel done with just guitar & voice…..nice !

Can’t wait to see Todd again.

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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