Royal Festival Hall Concert 15th July 2004

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It was great to see Ted back playing back in London and really enjoying himself to a sell out crowd who equally enjoyed this knockout show.

The set was the same as Ted played at Bristol earlier in the week and despite other reviews about poor sound and the band not being tight there were no such problems at the RFH. The sound was great, no problems with mixing etc. as reported at some of the other shows, the lighting effects are really outstanding and are used to good effect with the music.

The band were very polished and apart from Ted joking with Jesse Gress when he screwed up some licks it was great. Kasim's backing vocals complement Ted's vocal so well, and the Prairie Prince's drumming is just so solid he really fits into the band well.

But the highlight of the night for me was Ted's voice, on songs such as "God Said" and "Past" his voice is just breathtaking I would not have believed that his voice would be this good after all these years. Nice to see him picking up the old guitar and playing some blistering solos. Overall an excellent concert if your a Ted fan you cannot afford to miss this tour!

Ted please don't wait another 10 years before you come back to the UK.

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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