Todd's Royal Festival Hall gig

Review by Paul Gray (Switch to

Just got home from the Royal Festival Hall gig and have the following observations.

It wasn't loud enough.
Great voice.
Great "acoustic" songs.
It was too choreographed.
I liked the light show.
For the first gig in the UK for 10 years I'd have liked to have seen a wider selection than mostly Liars - great though it is. Bit lazy there Mr R!
The RFH is not renowned for its accoustics!
Great use of the Strat - my 18 year old nephew really liked the guitar stuff in the first few numbers but got bored afterwards.
The band are just a backing band. Where the frick did "Liars Tour Starring Kasim Sultan" come from?

Overall I was disappointed (6/10) because I love Todd's music and those aspects I love weren't catered for enough. I'm looking forward to the Initiation revival tour!

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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