London, England 7/15/04

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I have read several of the negative reviews and I canít say that I agree. It seems to me that the people that wrote those reviews expect Todd to do the same gig he did 20-25 years ago. Wake up and embrace the 21st century, Todd has. With the new album, and indeed the tour, Todd shows that he is a master of any musical genre, including the more recent ones. He seems to take the best elements, and mix it into something that is slightly different. I usually donít like Urban and some of the other styles on Liars, but with the twist Todd gives it, it actually sounds good to me.

What me and my wife couldnít understand was the audience. The applause was more than generous, but everybody stayed in their seats, just to go wild when Just One Victory was played. I mean I could hardly sit still when tunes like Love Science came around (boy does that song swing!). Maybe it was the problem discussed earlier... most people just stuck to Toddís 70ís stuff and never listened to what heís done after that.

This live performance was certainly worth our while. Most stuff sounds way better live than on the CD. You really get the ďkickĒ from some of the harder songs on Liars when itís played live. I agree that the acoustics of the RFH did fail us a little, but the wall of sounds was intentional, and obviously misunderstood by part of the audience. I like the smoother stuff in the second part even better (more my style), with Feel It as an absolute high because itís one of my favorites. Beloved Infidel semi-acoustic was also a rare treat.

This was the third concert Iíve seen in 10 years, and the second in two (we went to Chicago in our honeymoon in 2002), and I must say Todd was exceptionally well voiced this time around. Of course he made a few slips here and there, but I dare any vocalist to try Toddís lyrics.

All in all well worth the trip to London.

Michiel van Otegem

The Netherlands

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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