TR and the Liars - Royal Festival Hall, London

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Todd's first show in London in 10 years, It was a fantastic show. The band are really on a roll. The only reservation is that maybe all the venues should have been seatless like Bristol. This thing about sitting through the show is a bit of a British disease. I witnessed a few lads in front of me get up and dance during WMGGW and immediately people around them started to get up and tell them to sit down, eventually one guy called a steward who forced them to sit down. These lads were only trying to enjoy themselves and it nearly turned nasty as one of the guys turned on the one who got the steward. I would have loved to have got up but the abuse from people around me would have spoilt the show.

When I think back to some of the reviews on the TRC about the early US shows, I'm glad we Brits got to see the band when they were really rolling, the playing and singing was superb. The Liars material is excellent and Todd's bright Orange suit during the second half of the show was dazzling. The setlist has stayed fairly static throughout the tour by the looks of it, although tonight we were treated to Love Science. The extended BTS was a scream, Kas played the 7 Rays riff during his bass solo and Jesse broke a string during his solo. When JOV started up this was the only time the audience really went wild with people rushing to the stage, even then stewards were blocking people route down the aisles.

Setlist (if I remember right)

Buffalo Grass
Fascist Christ
I Hate My Freakin' ISP
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
God Said
Beloved Infidel
Lunatic Fringe
Green Onions
Soul Brother
Love Science
Born to Synthesize
Feel It
Want of a Nail
Hello It's Me
Just One Victory
We've already started ticking off the next ten years until the next UK tour....

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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