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Thank Godd I forced myself to go to this gig ! Todd has inspired my life since I was about 14, when God himself brought Todd to me :o)) by putting the most foul review of Utopia album in NME but saying it was like ELP as huge put down, who I loved ! I had to have it and have listened to Todd almost every day since the day I was Enlightened.

I had a terrible time getting to Birmingham and I didn't enjoy it at all. Of course, when you have incredibly high expectations, things can never match up, which always results in disappointment. Plus I was knackered ! Ok so I'm a pratt and that's not Todd's fault. So I was dreading sitting for another 2 1/4 hours plus being annoyed, but was most pleasantly surprised. Because I had seen the show already and knew what to expect, it was great ! I can understand the wildly mixed reviews, but as smart hubby said, people will only bother to do a review if they felt strongly enough about it, one way or another.

I had found the best time for loo break was during the awful Born to Synthesise and had expected it sooner so had thought they may have dropped it, so relaxed as they played Love Science, which was missing in Brum. It popped up later though, but I was happy by that time anyway, just being with Todd and the guys again. Maybe I just got my times wrong, but it helped :o)) I love nearly all the Liars stuff but some older stuff would have fitted in nicely with the Liars theme. How Todd managed all the screaming through the title track and then carry on singing so devinely, I don't know, coz I was hoarse myself after that one... Great vocals on all 3 nights I went, amazing with him singing 2 more gigs than I did...

Some chosen songs I could barely remember, though which is strange as I have everything the man made after Nazz. Obviously, we would all choose differently, but better known tracks would have created an even better show for me. I found people who didn't know a lot of Todd's stuff seemed to enjoy it better than those of us who know nearly the lot. Guess if you don't know the volume and depth of available material you would be happier.

I was almost not going to Manchester, but this gig was so much better that I made the old trek and that seemed even better. People have listed the whole show, but my faves were Truth, belted out wow, God Said, and oh God, there were too many to remember. Funnily enough the actual acoustics seemed better to me in Birmingham out of the 3 sets, but I am deaf in one ear, so that could affect my opinion. I felt the bass was too deep for my chest at times ! I nearly exploded.

He took his shades off once as if something was rather naughty, which was a shame, I like to see people's eyes - mirror of the Soul - (I got to in Manchester...) shook the good Sir's hand twice, yippee - I'd missed it the night before, so went home smiling.

Please come back soon Todd and bring a few old nuts next time, we ain't heard 'em for yonks this side of the water !

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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