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The show was completely different from the night before for me. For a start it was louder - which it needed to be - despite the excellent sound quality at Birmingham it was too quiet - longer - though extending Born to synthesize while dropping the second drum solo (one in Green Onions as well as BTS at Birmingham) might have been a mistake.

However, it was made up by Jesse Gress' breaking a string - it's all played live, folks! Some minor changes - Todd ditched the Bose radiotor monitors and there was a pair of traditional monitor side fill cabinets either side, which might have made it that bit louder.

It's interesting how some of the reviews of London point out the sound as being wither horrendous or great - sat where I was it was pretty good, not quite as well balanced as at Birmingham but then I was a couple of rows nearer the front last night.

The set was the same as at Birmingham with Love Science added in.

The major complaint as for Birmingham for me was "THIS WAS THE WRONG HALL TO PUT TODD IN"

Okay, I accept that it was "the Prestigious London Gig", but it should have been in a venue like the Astoria, Shepherd's Bush Empire, Carling Apollo, Brixton Academy, or even Kentish Town Forum. So like Birmingham, another show in a soul less barn. I doubt Manchester will be any better, at least those going to Glasgow will get the proper "rock 'n roll" experience!

Should Todd come over again let's hope he stamps his foot and demands better venues.

And again, the hall was way undersold, though there were more there than I estimated at Birmingham.

What more can I say about the songs? The Liars songs were in the main great, Liars I thought Todd's voice strained on the howling and screaming, For want of a nail again stood out, as did Mammon. We were spared a second drum solo at London. Prairie might be a great drummer, but drum solos' to quote Keith Moon, are just boring.

As has been commented before, the hall nazis were again intensely annoying. But, how come when it's the last song. they seem to give up. It happened at Birmingham, too - why? What's so special about the last song that they feel they can let people stand up but not before?

Criticisms of the set list are to be expected - but it's hardly unexpected that he'd concentrate on Liars songs and there have been enough hints and clues about the rest of the songs. Sure, I'd have loved 2 or 3 hours of "hits" - but I bet we'd still be seeing reviews moaning about what songs Todd had left out.

Kasiom blew me away throughout both shows I saw - he is an exceptional bass player - and at London he even left his pod and crammed into Jesse Gress' pod to sing harmonies on one song!

Let's say that other than the management and agent's bad choices of halls, knowing in advance what I was going to see in respect of set list, and even stage moves - falling asleep, Randolph coming on to mop his brow, Todd's James Brown steps, I still enjoyed both shows.

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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