RFH July 15th 2004

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What a night! Ted's voice is in fine form. He screamed in full balls out metal fashion for I.S.P. and the industrial Liars and melted beautifully on Flaw. I'm not a fan of seated venues and would have preferred the gig at the Brixton Academy but there you go.

The crowd was very mixed, hence the disparity of reviews here. Now, Wizard is my favourite album and I love to see Ted rock out. However, I embrace all his music and am so glad to see him still making eclectic adventurous and damn good music. I saw people fifteen years (and more) younger than Ted look bored and put off by the new stuff and the few heavier tracks. I heard someone say..he'll get this stuff out of the way and do the singles later...wise up! Frickin' London audiences and old farts!! IT ROCKED!

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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