Royal Festival Hall July 15th 2004

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First met Our Hero back in October 1975 outside the Liverpool Empire where Roger Powell took a photo of me and Todd and Mo. What a thrill to us 16 year old girls! Only problem was, I dropped the camera not an hour later and our precious pic was destroyed…

Twenty-nine years later I am determined to try and put this right and was very excited to learn Todd was doing a tour of Blighty. I waited patiently before the gig and we were lined up by security as Todd was about to arrive. They then tried to lead Todd in away from us, but we realised this and ran to him. He looked stressed and hassled and was being urged in by security. I just managed to get my Todd poster signed and was a bit disappointed that it was all so rushed.

However, the concert was lovely. Knew what to expect more or less set-wise and was mightily impressed by Todd's voice. He's still got "IT"!! To go from Belters like Mammon and Liar to Beloved Infidel and still sound sweet is no mean feat. (Hi to the warm and friendly Howling Pete and Penny who we sat by inside the Hall.

After the gig, my partner Andy suggested we wait for Todd. We did and it was dark and it started raining and eventually Todd came out with Mary Lou and the Magic re-commenced. Todd was all smiles as were the assembled faithful. Autographs were given, photo's taken and everybody was beaming. Even Andy felt compelled to shake Todd's hand and congratulate him.

It all ended rather surreally…Todd got into an old Volvo (Wot, no Limo?!) and was driven away into the sunset leaving behind Smiley, Happy people.

What a Guy!!!

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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