Thu 7/15/04 - London, England - Royal Festival Hall

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It's good to hear that some people enjoyed the concert and that the sound was good from where they were sitting, where I was sitting it was appalling, a complete mush of sound that for me completely ruined a much anticipated evening.

I'd attended a Marillion concert 5 days earlier at the London Astoria, great sound and plenty of atmosphere, I left on a high and will buy the DVD of the event - Very disappointed doesn't cover how I felt leaving the RFH, so, unless you can get seats in the stalls reasonably near the centre the RFH is a truly bad, bad, bad place to see a concert

Hopefully there will be a Liars DVD, so I can find out how much I should have enjoyed myself.

Brian Dally (a Ted fan for 29 years)

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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