RFH Review, Thursday 15 July 2004

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'Mistakes were made but no-one was to blame'. Thus screams the headline as the tube train races to Embankment. There's a sense of panic and jubilation in town tonight. The battle lines seemingly drawn, it's a straight choice between compassionate or corporate America.

It's been a long, long time since Messrs Simon and Garfunkel faced the truth. Their 'sing along night for the Woodstock generation' is a homeward bound cliché of greatest hits being served up in soggy Hyde Park.

I'm headed for the South Bank and a rendezvous with Todd and his freedom fighters. The place is packed. The set is pretty much as Pete Wyatt (Bristol 12.7.04) foretold it. The costumes are certainly the brightest I've seen in a while but this reaction may just be the consequence of my drab colonial existence.

The set showcases much of the excellent 'Liars' album. How appropriate is that? Indeed, Todd positively screeches out the chorus of the title track as if we needed reminding. You know the words.

'Flaw' is sheer sardonic magic.

'Past' sends a shiver through the system albeit at a somewhat slower tempo. But I am more than a little biased here. For me, it's simply one of the best songs ever.

Sweeter memories of the past arrive in the form of 'Born to synthesise' and Hello it's me' both played straight 4:4 swing. Classic chic.

Everyone bangs on the drum about Todd the singer, Todd the songwriter, Todd the producer. Tonight, we are reminded he can also play guitar beautifully too.

Fittingly, battle ends with the mellifluous tones of Todd's soaring axe over the top of 'Just one victory'. Hurry back, only next time cut the covers!

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