Royal Festival Hall 15.7.04

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I have never seen so much rubbish written about a gig before. Some complained about the venue, others about the sound, others about the band, others about the choice of songs, others about the costumes. The venue was fine and the sound up in the balcony was excellent. The band was tight, and i think he got the choice of old and new songs just about right. Ok, when someone has as many sony songs as Todd, of course you are not going to hear all your favourites. Personally i loved most of the new songs from Liars and particularly enjoyed the second half of the show. I'm not a great fan of songs like Fascist Christ & Hate My Frickin ISP so it was good to get those out of the way early. Some guy, who claims to be a Pro musician, has written a review on here claiming the show was an insult to his intelligence. Well i'd love to hear who he rates better than Todd because i've not seen many better performers over many many years of going to gigs by loads of different bands. Another guy wondered why he played "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" ???? Excuse me, but just who are these wankers? It's a brilliant song and Todd manages to improve on Clapton's original solo and make it his own. Absolutely brilliant gig!! Only downside was missing out a couple of great tracks from Liars.

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7/15/2004 - Royal Festival Hall - London, England

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