TR Birmingham Symphony Hall

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Whats with the first two reviewers !!!! Mr Negatives or what ???

The band played with great cohesion and enthusiasm. The costume changes were great and the stage set was simple but very effective......

The set list wasn't weak and if the first reviewer had listened to LIARS before the concert he would realise that it all flowed smoothly.......

Anyway less of them......

The songs that were lifted off LIARS were even better live and my own highlight off the night was hearing TR screaming LIARS as they played the title track.......It was brilliant...

My wife and I are still depressed at the thought that we may never see TR in the UK again, and may only get chance to see him live again if we visit the States..Las Vegas at the House Of Blues in September sounds like a good call !!

Please ignore any negative reviews this concert was SUPERB !!!

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7/14/2004 - Birmingham Symphony Hall - Birmingham, England

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