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I LOVE TODD ! I HATE BIRMINGHAM !! Sorry you Brummies, but your traffic system leaves a lot to be desired. Having said that, the Symphony Hall did write to tell me about the road works.. it ain't sign-posted to, though.. I was so knackered getting there from Luton, I didn't enjoy this show, so I can agree with every review I have read ! I was lucky enough to get to 3 shows, the other 2 were much better.

In London, I came across 4 guys who had also been and hated it, so it wasn't just me - they were going to forgo their Manchester tickets, but I couldn't do that as I enjoyed the London show very much more, but had been thinking the same thing. I thought it had just me being tired.

Everything felt wrong in Birmingham. The music selection was quite bizarre, although I knew from the reviews for Bristol that it was mainly Liars which I love and play all the time. I took my 11 year old daughter who was in my tummy last time I saw Todd with Ringo at the Apollo I think in '92. She was fine with most of the Liars music, but got very bored, as I did with the solos - too many. I had to cover her ears for the MF bit - I always sing it over in the car... At the other 2 gigs, Todd told people to take their kids out at that point, so maybe he could see me, on row E ?

I didn't expect many oldies, but I did expect a few more golden ones, but he must get bored with singing the same old stuff for so many years and he will do what he wants , of course. Born to Synthesise was awful and went on far too long, but realised that was loo time... Larking about just stupid, but it got "better" as I got used to it over the 3 gigs... Wish I could have got to Bristol and stood up, we only got to boogie at the end, sadly just missed getting handshake but made up for it once I knew the ropes.. The girl on the left kept dancing, but the security kept putting her down, she was at all of them too. Sitting down ain't what should be done at any gig.

Really wanted a new Todd shirt, the 3 I have I got on Ebay for ndollars, I would have paid 20 for a good one with a photo, also no programmes which was wierd, having seen them going for 10 at least at other gigs. Missed opportunity guys. I would have paid a fiver...

Fortunately, I had to go to London as I had mates going on my recommendation and was able to go up on the train with no pain, otherwise I wouldn't have been very happy at this performance, though I thought the sound was better here than London or Manchester.

I will always love you Todd, but I played all the oldies on the way home... after all of Liars, mind you - it took me an hour to get back out of Brum and only by going North and coming back South again !

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7/14/2004 - Birmingham Symphony Hall - Birmingham, England

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