Birmingham 14th July

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I am ashamed to say that this was my first Todd concert despite having been a fan for many years. For this reason I had great trepidation as to whether Todd would live up to my expectations. I was not disappointed. Todd's voice is in great form. I got the impression he was enjoying himself despite a reserved response from the audience. There seems to be a lot of negative reviews from the UK audiences. I think some of these people would whinge about anything and just like try and prove they are more knowledgeable and are competing with one another to see who can come up with the most cutting criticism.

Perhaps it wasn't the best venue for Todd's set up. The lighting set up was novel if a little restrictive for the other musicians.

Sure he could have played more from his back catalogue, but perhaps he has tired of trotting out the same old tunes just to satisfy those who are still living in the past. Do you still like doing the same things you liked doing 25 years ago? I wouldn't want to hear the old songs just for the sake of playing them. I love the new album and I believe Todd did it justice. If there is anything that we should have learnt by now it's that Todd does what Todd does, and that can sometimes infuriate us, but that's why we love him.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, which seemed to end all too quickly. I hope we do get another chance to see him again soon.

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7/14/2004 - Birmingham Symphony Hall - Birmingham, England

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