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this was my first chance to see todd live (being a fan for 30 years) and it was with great anticipation that i arrived at the symphony hall in birmingham (beautiful venue) for the 2nd date on his uk tour....

i had travelled from aberdeen(scotland) and couldn't wait!! being very familiar with the new album i was happy to hear many of the new songs with a live feel as well as a few older songs..

i liked "liar" purely for its energy(this surprised me as it is not my favourite track on the new album)

would have liked to have heard "stood up" and "afterlife" but maybe next time...

the second half was more to my taste with a more soulful slant...outstanding tracks for me were "sweet", "past" "want of a nail" and "just one victory" i think reviewers have been unfair to the band and todd as it a challenge for any musician to perform the many styles of music that todd's set encompasses..

jesse, prairie prince, john and kasim deserve more respect for their excellent playing!

the japan dvd featured a huge backing band remember, so i feel people shouldnt be so quick to criticise...well done guys!

the live sound was good and todd truly has one of the greatest white soul voices ever!

his energy and showmanship is first class and his guitar playing is awesome!

i was lucky to meet todd after the gig and he took plenty of time to speak with fans

i also went to london and glasgow and sincerely hope todd will be back very soon...

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7/14/2004 - Birmingham Symphony Hall - Birmingham, England

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