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Let me start by saying that TR has been number one in my books since 1973, I hate "Bang The Drum" and love No World Order.

Liars is a great comeback album. It shows that the genius is still there.

Between The Individualist and Liars nothing of any consequence was released.

Now the gig..... What a disappointment. Sorry. I know there will be many that attended that would bow down and worship anything TR did but the Truth is that this show is very sub standard.

1. The "band" sound and act like the hired session musicians that they are.
2. The stage set does not resemble a burnt out cathedral... more like the display window from a department store.
3. Due to the set isolating each band member in his own little frame they end up looking like department store dummies.
4. Ted has surely exhausted the Lounge Lizard Vegas performer thing by now... Its had its day.
5. Did anyone actually find the costume changes added anything to the gig?
6. Although TR's voice was truly amazing, there was an underlying weariness to the whole affair.
7. The set list was weak, and had no cohesiveness or flow between numbers.

Why on earth is TR using a backing band at all? The NWO gigs were truly phenomenal, engrossing, ground breaking. It gave us a chance to see TR creating and playing to the mood of the crowd. Did we care that it was nearly all sequenced without additional musicians? Not at all, this was TRi.

Unfortunately I also purchased the Kasim Sultan and Fereznic albums. Truly awful.

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7/14/2004 - Birmingham Symphony Hall - Birmingham, England

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