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The last time was at Liverpool Empire 30 odd years ago, so I didn't quite know what to expect. Not overly impressed with 5 or so listenings of the Liars LP, so what would my mate think who came along without any knowledge of this or some of his brilliant stuff in the early 70s.

First impressions were not good, dodgy outfits all round accentuating the passage of time.

The sound was good though particularly Todd's voice. The first half passed by without any great excitement, so after the costume break down to the front. The second half got better and better and the band seemed to start enjoying themselves in the friendly clubby atmosphere. By the end I was a lot happier and winding up with the two oldies brought the house down.

My mate really enjoyed it, and he was a neutral. A good second half always leaves the crowd happy. A good night out all in all and he didn't let us down. He's not God, but he's always interesting.

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7/12/2004 - Bristol Carling Academy - Bristol, England

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