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Yes, it has been too long, but then self denial is a little pleasure all of its own donchya know?

Godd to some, the archetypal musical alchemist to others. Todd came to Bristol (yes he did!) and plugged his wonderful artistic sensibility straight into the collective consciousness - not an amp in sight.

After regular doses of the piano ballads for the best part of the last 25 years (yes - this was my first time!), the new cd had not quite prepared me for the latest "muscular" sound. From where we were positioned (five standing bodies deep - centre stage) it took until Mammon or thereabouts to settle down - the fat bass end washing the others out a little - an occupational hazard when playing subsonic in a broom cupboard methinks! The songs from the new album always sounded more polished to these ears, but that was of course besides the point!

The new album prompts big questions about mortality and authenticity, so it was reassuring to see our man practicing what he preaches. Appearing (and acting!) more Beatlejuice than Beatle, with minimalist goatee, and Kiss-u-like gorilla stacks, the man wears his heart on his sleeve (Hello - its who?!), and you can't help but love him like a long lost brother in return. The gathered host repaid his obvious enjoyment with lusty renditions of Flaw's "mother****az!" and "gimme just one victory!" (yes Mike, it bought tears to my eyes too - albeit of a bitter-sweet kind).

Eyes that have seen will know what a privilege it was to have been here tonight.

Awesome Awesome Awesome!

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7/12/2004 - Bristol Carling Academy - Bristol, England

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