Bristol 12 July

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Folks at home, world wide audience, last night at Bristol's Carlington venue the Boss was happy to be there and so was the Congregation. Todd and ensemble delivered a full dose of vitamine TReatment; light , sounds, intensity and magic. One long set that lasted well over two hours and included Flaw, Feel It and Love Science. These cats wailed, swung, kicked ass and joked! Sweet green eyed Randy R helped out on the sound which was outstanding in the tight and tall venue. This is definitly histosy in the making. Come out all you music loving people and bear witness to these true and healing sounds. Four more performances in the UK, get ready. Happiness.

Coco: I just want to say that Kasim played so good that now i want to be a bass player!

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7/12/2004 - Bristol Carling Academy - Bristol, England

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