Todd at Bospop Weert Holland 07/10/04

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Ten long years it took before Todd came back for a visit to the Lowlands. It was a firsttime experience for me watching and listening to Todd with a band backing him up and the power and energy they exposed were totally amazing! Due to festival scheduling the concert only lasted one hour and Todd must have thought Hey, this Bospop thing has an accent on rock bands, so we'll play the heavier stuff. And so they did: truth, buffalo grass, mammon, fascist christ, frickin isp, while my guitar gently weeps, temporary sanity, god said, liar & worldwide epiphany passed the hour in a almost continuous storm of rock music, overwhelming the public with what i think was the best set list he could have made for this happening. Of course i would have loved to hear a mellow one like past or even an oldie, but to me this was no reason for any disappointment at all. The sound was very loud but very clear, the band surely put something down the fans will not easily forget and most of all Todd's voice was in a tremendously good shape! Todd's alive and kicking and i feel good.

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7/10/2004 - BOSPOP 2004 - Weert, The Netherlands

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