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Seeing Ted alive and kicking serious butt in Holland in 2004 was the surprise of the year for me, also because my wife gave me a ticket for my birthday! It was very nice to meet some fellow dutch Tedheads and enjoy this show together (Hello Istvan and the others, it's me).

Ted seemed a little bad tempered to me, as if he was irritated about something. Or maybe it was part of the angry-ness of the music and the message of 'Liars'.

The sound was very good (although the bass could have been a little less loud), very close to the ear and outside of the PA speakers, a little like wearing a headphone.

My guess is they made use of so called 'psycho-acoustics' at least that's what it sounded like to me.

He played for only one hour, mostly the heavy numbers like Mammon and so on, no soul songs.

I thought this was a good idea given the short playing- time, although I like the soul stuff a lot.

This made me wonder why Ted didn't do a full concert in our little rainy country.

I guess because the sales of his records are dramatically low here: in the city where I live (Zwolle) only 1 (ONE!!) copy of Liars was sold (guess who bought it).

It seemed that even the 'unrundgrenized' people (the big majority) enjoyed themselves a lot, so maybe some of them might go to the record-store to update their collections (go ahead, don't ignore him any longer!)

Anyway, Ted, if you might read this, I will carry my torch for you.

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