Bospop july 10 2004 review

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Friday night at the North Sea Jazz Festival Ted was interviewed for dutch radio. At Bospop there was some rain all day. Ted stood on the side when Patti Smith and her band performed and smiled and gave the Victory sign at some fans who spotted him. Then the Renegades showed up and out came the sun! Just the heavy set was played in good spirits. Fifteen extra alloted minutes were cut short due to stage setup hickups... But wow, Truth is such a tremendous opener. Ted's voice was in ex-cel-lent shape, very energetic presence and fun to see him still do those guitar hero moves. Prairie's foot kept rocking the rabbit but he lost some beat and slowed down during Temporary Sanity, strange and disturbing moment. Jesse is a guitaro meastro and looked pleased at Mary Lou near by and duoed with John at times. Kasim was solid and played a very low and thumping bass, A senior couple was present on stage, who's folks? Ted kept his adressing the public to the very minimum. God Said was beautiful. A solo cameraman recorded the entire on stage happening, sometimes obstructing Ted who almost kicked him away. A few hundred fans in front of the stage had a blast for sure. The rest of the 1000+ crowd weren't sure what hit them: Ted is Godd *:-)

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7/10/2004 - BOSPOP 2004 - Weert, The Netherlands

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