Todd with the the Liars in Weert, Netherlands

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Todd in Holland and England! A privilege, that us for sure. Spoiled you are in the USA! This concert in Weert saved e few people a trip to England. Although some went in spite of this concert in a strange setting. A Dutch Popfestival. You don't know it, if you haven't seen it! Todd started at 21:00, before Todd played Bl°f, a fine group which is very popular in Holland. Patty Smith, Solomon Burk and a young dutch group Di-rect. The festival started at 11:30 hours, so you can imagine what the atmosphere was like at 21:00 hours. People like to drink (lots of) beer in Holland, especially during a Festival. So Todd and The Liars (great set of clothes!) had to compete with drunk people and unbelieve about his performance. Luky for the fans we were with enough people amoung the big crowd to make this show work. A concert with only Todd-fans would have been better, but then: you can't have them all. Fans which had met 10 years ago during the No World Order concert in Amsterdam. I last saw and photographed Todd during the Utopia concert okt. 12 1975 (18 years old I was) in The Hague (also a g r e a t show......). Lost track of him in the eighties (my fault) and got back on track in 1995. Wouldn't miss the show this time, so broke up my holyday. A one hour open air concert, which is very short. Todd still has the same drive and spirit, unbelieveble. Sound was HEAVY!! Think of the song 'Mammon', with Kasims bas taking your breath away. But also 'Facsist Christ'. And what about the bas in 'Temporary Sanity'?!! Todd's voice was in great shape. They started the show with Truth from his new album, which means nothing realy has changed since 1975. Great music with great lyrics. Helps you through the day sometimes! Some fans were disappointed Todd did not play old songs. Sorry for my friends but old songs we know......., new songs we have got to listen at! This keeps us young in spirit and mind. At that's what it is all about! Last song of this exiting evening (as always): World Wide Epiphany......., something to look foreword to.

Back to reality.

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7/10/2004 - BOSPOP 2004 - Weert, The Netherlands

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