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This is my first time reviewing a concert so bear with me. I went over to get my tickets from the box office at 4:30 and walked over to the theatre maybe to get a glimpse and listened outside the doors to their rehearsing and it was wonderful. I heard them laughing and seeming to be having such a good time. Got there at 7pm found my seats on the second row stage right, wow. They first played a few beatle songs and then Joey Molland played 4 badfinger songs, then came Denny Laine and he played 3 songs. After that the man came out and played Open my eyes that kicked all grades of ass. Next he did Hello, basically the same as on the current Liars tour, very good. Next he played Rain and had some trouble with his guitar. But even with the problems it was great. The last one he did was You've got to hide your love away. This time his guitar was horrible. Half way through the song he went into a period where he was talking about how bad his guitar was sounding. But as we all know the True Wizard played on even against the terrible sounding guitar it was good. After the song he went over and put the guitar down and said, "that wasn't what I was expecting out of that guitar". Who else could give that and come off as the man? After that C. Cross came out did 3 songs. Finally Alan Parsons came out and did 3 songs. It was actually his band that played with the All Stars. Lastly they did some more beatle tunes. Todd was lead, of course, on all the songs. The one that stuck out was when he sang Birthday. He really did it justice. Over all the sound was not that good. But to have all that talent on one stage, and having a good time as they seemed they were, it was well worth the trip.

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