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My friend Don & I caught Todd & the boys last month at Mohegan Sun. Although I hadn’t yet heard the new material , and was expecting some early stuff, Todd did not disappoint! After the show, Don managed to snag the set list from the stage and we got a tip from a friend on how we might be able to meet the band, so we patiently waited and got to meet Todd! It was only for a brief moment, but it was well worth it! Todd is so so genuine and NICE – a real cool guy. As much as I had wanted to say something really brilliant to him, in this awestruck moment, all I could get out was a “Great show, Todd, Thank you!”. Yea, like’s he’s never heard that one before!!!. He signed the set list for me and when I told him I had seen him 20 years ago (Utopia/Tubes!!), he said “maybe he’d see me in ANOTHER 20 years!” I’ll be waiting, Todd!! Shortly after, we ran into Jesse - another great guy! He chuckled when we told him that onstage,he reminded me of aÊ younger Todd from back in the day! (Think HE’S heard that one before too!). Since we were robbed of the TRUE Liars show that evening (no light show & no costume changes because of a forced and condensed 75 minute version), we wanted the REAL deal, and already had one foot in the Egg….

Although Todd was great in Uncasville, the Albany show way surpassed Mohegan’s. I was so pumped up, and much more prepared (having rushed out to buy LIARS after Mohegan). The show blew me away and Todd rocked! The guys were tight and seemed like they were having a great time, the light show was phenomenal, and Todd’s voice was perfection - he nearly brought me to tears a couple times. This guy has so much passion – and range. . To be able to scream out a voice killer like LIAR, then turn around and do a 360 with a ballad amazes me! Oh, and this cat can also dance – loved that foot action! Todd informed us the show was being taped “for posterity” and I can only pray there will indeed be a DVD of this awesome event!! He also gave us some funny moments, always the showman. I was surprised that they played FLAW, and a young girl sitting next to me with her daughter seemed stunned. I told her to plug her daughter’s ears and I think she was really trying, but seemed into it, nonetheless! . Never heard 500+ people saying Mother****** all at once before!! My only gripe of the evening, was here I was, so excited and pumped, and practically dancing out of my seat and many times looking around the theater, I felt like everyone was medicated! C’mon people, wake up! The crowd, I thought, was particularly quiet (perhaps they weren’t sure of what – or who - they were listening to!) but thankfully, gave theÊ guys (much deserved) standing O’s.

We got REALLY lucky (thanks to Don), and got to meet John, Prarie and Kas after the show!. Prarie’s another nice guy, (remembered him from the Tubes-seen ‘em 3X!) and Don chatted up John a bit! I really wanted to meet Kas, and only had time to quickly say hi, thank him, and have him sign the LIARS jacket. There is not one vane bone in this guys’ body! I overheard someone paying him a HIGH complement and he acted so surprised - this guy just doesn’t realize how gifted he truly is! Don had bought one of Jesse’s books and after the show, Jesse was excited to sign it for him and even let Don help him tear down some of the set!ÊÊ These guys are all so appreciative, nice, and down to earth - you begin to wonder, if you’re really in the presence of rock stars!?

We actually met everyone EXCEPT Todd that night, but I imagine he was probably tired after the show. I can respect that. He rocks just as hard as guys half his age – and better, in my opinion. Knowing that it was coming up, I had really wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday, but I’m thankful (and consider myself extremely lucky) to have already met him. I really respect this man. I know everyone at his shows wants to hear “Hello” (as well as me!), but I completely understand why he is so reluctant to sing it. Todd is a true artist, and always wants to give his audience HIS best – music which moves & speaks to HIM, not just what the audience is expecting to hear. I like to hear what he has to say, and the fact that he’s usually “outside the box”, makes him even more appealing and satisfying to see. He’s a unique, and I hope he performs and INFORMS Êfor a long time to come.

I went to Albany EXPECTING a fantastic show, and instead, I got more than I ever imagined! This band is made of great stuff – experience, talent, and passion. If you get a chance to see them, DO IT, and if not, at least buy the CD. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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6/09/2004 - Empire Center at the Egg - Albany, NY

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