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I want to thank everyone for their reviews of all the shows. It really helped me get pumped up for the shows. I saw the show at Mohegan Sun and The Egg, Albany.

Each show was fantastic in it's own right. Naturally, the Albany show was a bit tighter, and longer...HooHa! I was lucky enough to have a chance to meet Todd, for a brief exchange and a hand shake at Mohegan Sun. Very cordial, very kool.

While we watched the show there, we knew we had good seats for the Albany show. And pay attention to this, every seat in The Egg is a great seat, albeit, our's were second row. I hate to give away how kool this place is, because I want to always be able to get good seats.

The lights were so kool. I was trying to eplain to someone what they looked like and had a bit of trouble painting their true feel with just a description. The pics look good, but it's just one of those things in life you have to see to truly understand.

The previous reviews of this show tell it like it was. I remember those guys yelling to each other across the theater. It seemed like a lot of people were very excited about being there, and what was about to happen.

I think the other reviews show that no matter how much you pick the performance apart, you still end up leaving the concert knowing you have witnessed a musical genius.

If you still have time, go see this show...somwhere, anywhere

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6/09/2004 - Empire Center at the Egg - Albany, NY

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