Concert at the Egg

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The concert in Albany was awesome! Here are just a few thoughts/impressions I had of the night:

The Egg sits on top of a gray concrete expanse, alongside dark reflecting pools and the silent working arms of a metal kinetic sculpture. On the night of the concert, the sky was filled deep gray storm clouds, and rain fell through my sandals and covered my feet as I walked across the marble walkway. Wind blew and lightening snapped.

Inside I was astounded to see the individual metal cathedrals on stage. When the show started, music and light blasted beautifully from these boxes, colored lights like stained glass through a church window hammered into the human souls which respond so deeply to color, and sound.

Pink, fuschia, green, blue, yellow, gold, white, pink, red, orange....

‘My Guitar Gently Weeps’ was played generously and passionately. ‘Liars’ was incredibly moving, so raw and full of emotion.

‘God Said’ had a different feeling in concert then it does on the CD; God seemed a little more angry! It was like a different song! Phenomenal.

‘The Past’ was sung with tenderness and Todd’s voice was pure and beautiful. Kasim did as phenomenal bass solo, and Jesse the guitar player was amazing!

I think “Sweet” would make a great final song... ‘Love is the answer, what’s left to say?’

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6/09/2004 - Empire Center at the Egg - Albany, NY

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