Albany, NY The Egg 6-9-04

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WOW! Let me just say how floored I was after the show at the Egg. I haven't seen any shows this tour except for this one but have a couple of shows on disc and this show topped them by miles.

I thought the band was tight and the mix was great even up front. Todd did seem a little peeved by the cameras especially the cameraman he had to tackle to get back to the mic. It was pretty funny though and even Todd had a laugh about it later. It didn't seem to bother him much musically though. His vocals were great, hardly any sign of strain that I heard on some of the earlier shows. Typical setlist except for the surprise (for me) of Flaw. This certainly wasn't a show for someone who hasn't listened to a new Todd album in a dozen years or so. But as a diehard fan, I thought it was superb. I love the new album and the songs have a new life live. I certainly have no idea how Todd had any voice left after Liar but a beautiful Beloved Infidel proved that he did. It's great that after thirty plus years Todd still can bring it, both live and on CD. The past few years had me wondering but he seems to be revitalized with this album and tour. Let's hope this continues.

I'm hopeful that Todd does release the DVD of this show, complete and uncut for the faithful. Hey, if he released "Live In San Francisco" why not this show? If anyone gets his ear, tell him we want it and we want it now!

Yes folks, Todd is still Godd!

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6/09/2004 - Empire Center at the Egg - Albany, NY

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