Todd Rundgren - Tralf review - Buffalo NY - June 8th

Review by Rob Olson (Switch to

Absolutely Brilliant !

The Tralf was hot, packed, and @ least 7 people fell down the entry stairs because of bad lighting.

When I first arrived, I made my way to the floor halfway to the stage. Decided to head back "bar way" in order to breathe !!! BEVERAGES meant survival on this night .....!!!

Anyway---- Todd and company - incredible - and the multipart harmonies were magic. I haven't seen him in 5 years and he never fails to deliver a great show. The new material is absolutely wonderful !!!

Fascist Christ I love that song !! While my guitar gently weeps - incredible guitar solo !!! new stuff, new stuff,, new stuff !!!!!!!!! fantastic !!!!!

SEE HIM gang ........... he is a once in a lifetime talent !!!!

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6/08/2004 - Tralf - Buffalo, NY

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