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Nice club on second floor next to the Shea's Performing Arts Centre. Holds about 650 people. It's packed. Two rows of VIP seats up front, people standing behind, table on the sides, bar at the back, balcony with a few tables. It's really hot inside.

The trip:
Bad traffic leaving Toronto. No problem crossing the border. The female customs agent asked who we were seeing at the Tralf. I said "Todd Rundgren". She said "oh cool" and waived us through.

Our Seats:
We get VIP passes from Patronet and score first row comfyseats in the VIP section! There were a total of 8 of us in the section. SWEET!

The Crowd:
Mostly 40-somethings and older, like you'd expect. I hear the conversations and there are a lot of obvious long-time fans. I sit next to a kid who's there with his father who is a fan.

The Show:
Overall, very good. I don't do set lists, but there were no surprises.

Highlights: - The band is TIGHT. The light show is neat. - I love Prairie's drumming -- it's impeccable. He looks like everyone's Uncle Ed. - Good to see Kas. He looks a little bored. I wish there was more of him in the show. - Todd's in good humour and good voice. - For me, I loved Todd solo on the guitar -- both Beloved Infidel (with flubs) and Lunatic Fringe are excellent. I know I might be the only one who likes Lunatic Fringe, but it might be the fact that the song is so well known to me from Tom Cochrane and Red Rider. Buffalo Grass and I Hate My Frickin ISP are fantastic. Ditto Truth, Soul Brother and Sweet. He throws in Flaw tonight. It's great to hear Just One Victory again. The crowd eats it up.

- It's WAY too loud (why does it have to be so loud???).
- Songs I could live without: Born To Synthesize (jazzy WAT version -- it goes on way too long), Feel It (my least favourite song from Second Wind), God Said
- Songs I would have liked from other shows on this tour: Love Science.
- In fact, the show drags a little in the second half and becomes too "jazzy" for my liking.
- I actually miss the between song banter - it's one of Todd's charming characteristics.

Other stuff:
- Kas has technical problems at the start of IHMFISP. Todd starts the song (Kas says "go on without me to him"), but Todd stops it a few bars in and says "it's no good without bass". Todd keeps playing the opening riff while the techs work out the problem. Kas sneaks up behind Todd and grabs him by the waist and starts feeling up his chest. Todd squirms and makes a funny face. It's obvious the two have a rapport that comes from playing together for so long.
- Todd mentions that it's been a good day since "son number two was drafted today. I don't know how you guys feel about Kansas City???" (Randy is drafted by the baseball K.C. Royals)
- During Hello It's Me, Todd goes into a rap about "reconnecting" with friends, says it's been a long time since he was here, points to one tall guy and says "like that tall goofy looking guy - I know him!".
- Some dopey chick is talking on her cell phone half the time. Then I see her holding it up so someone on the other end can listen.

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6/08/2004 - Tralf - Buffalo, NY

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