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Stop #3 of my " Road to Toddtopia" Tour and by far the best. The Tralf is a nice place and was packed. Most of the tables were out which made for a nice dance area. The air condidtioning was either broken or inadiquate for the SRO sold out house. Very hot, " Let the sweltering begin," quipped Todd. We stood just behind the two rows of VIP seats a bit to Todd's right, close enough to see the pupils of his eyes. This was also my first club venue to see Todd. It's always been arenas or theatres before for me. The sound was excellent after a 20 minute delay getting started and Kaz's bass getting disconnected at the start of ISP. While Todd was vamping so Kaz's bass could get back on line he announced that " son number two had been drafted," by KC. The new songs were all well recieved and Flaw is becoming a big crowd singalong favorite. Todd comes out to the edge of the stage and asks the musical question " Why ya gotta be" with an excellent hands-on-hips attitude. Jesse tore up a blistering lead during the Green Onions jam. And getting to watch John and Prarie's outstanding musicianship up close was a blast. Kaz is so excellent and hearing him harmonize with Todd again is the best. It had been many moons since I'd stood and danced for an entire Todd show ( I'm living in the past, I know ) and the big synergistic feedback loop made this into a night to remember. If you don't have the new CD get it, if you havent seen the show-GO! This is Todd at his finest. He proves once again to be leading the avant-guard with his music and technology.

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6/08/2004 - Tralf - Buffalo, NY

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