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This Meet and Greet was such a hoot! Many Grok members in attendance. They escorted us into a basement, we feared the worst! We kept getting moved around from room to room, and finally when we walked into this room (Madame Blaskeys closet) we all sighed ďoh there you areĒ Todd was waiting for us! He was so friendly and nice allowing photos for everyone and anyone who did not get a photo (or two tee hee) an autograph. Time was tight, but he was so sweet. We were then let back outside it was like a dream, it all happened so fast none of us knew what happened. Onto the show.....

I finally got to see the black hooded cloak! (3 shows and no black gothic skirt tho). I wonder what happens to all of these old costumes?

When Kasim broke out of his cage- the crowd went wild! He had a very large crowd of fans up front cheering him on.

Todd did an extra special intense version of LIAR very shrieking!

Once again a fan caused some disruption and TR had to scold her to sit down. The usual, people in the pit get up to go to the bathroom, other people become squatters, when the seat owners come back, the squatters donít want to give up their seat. At one point of the show I told this woman to get over herself and to sit down (she was blocking my friends view), and she did sloshing beer all over the row ahead of us (glad she got up to squat the pit).

You could just feel the crowd at the edge of their seats during Born To Synthesize, the guy sitting next to me (thank you for taking my photo) both noticed it. We got up to front of the stage just in time....(Jetsonís theme song)Todd was singing "Ronnie Reagan is dead" (crowd: awwww) "but frickin George Bush is still alive!"

I donít recall seeing Love Science the other 2 nights (Cleveland/Royal Oak) but they did it in Sandusky.

The usual "Todd I want your baby" chats....

The band broke out into an Utopia song I think it was the beginning of Seven Rays (someone/anyone).

After the show, there was a rumor that in 1/2 hour Todd was to be at Dalyís Pub, some cheap publicity stunt, as the guy was trying to get 1,000 people over there. I smelled a rat!

3 shows and I still havenít seen the black gothic skirt. Funny how the eqpt. truck got larger as the tour went on. I was leaving the venue and stopped my car in the driveway to talk to some fans, and I waived the SUV behind me to pass me, it turned out to be Todd and the guys waving bye. There was still a large crowd of people waiting by the tour bus.

David! You have been touched by Todd, your life will never be the same!

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6/06/2004 - Sandusky State Theatre - Sandusky, OH

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