6-6 Sandusky

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Very, very good. Our second time for this show, and I wish it were close again. Weak of heart will not enjoy the theme , good old Todd, to be able to shock and awe with the best of them. the music is top notch, tight and on time. the vocals are 4 stars, and the drumming is just machine like. The lighting is from the future, and most of the songs are from the past, add a pinch of TR soul and a very long born to snoozasize, mix it all up for a wonderful time. You folks in the UK are in for a Todd treat, get your hands on a copy of the CD, You will need to know the words to Fatal flaw.

A must see, fifty thumbs up!!!

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6/06/2004 - Sandusky State Theatre - Sandusky, OH

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