6/06/04 Sandusky State Theater

Review by Deb Smith-Stokes (Switch to

The Sandusky show was as close to perfect as possible! Perfect weather, perfect company [hi to all of my old and new TR fan friends] and the band was rock solid by now, much more so than the earlier Ohio shows. Thank goodness we got another show this late in the tour, this show was excellent! The biggest songlist change was of course the addition of "Flaw" which has actually become quite the singalong piece, who doesn't wanna yell out "why you gotta be, such a lyin-a m-f-er"!! The most fun I had tho' was watching my gfriend of 30 years who was a Todd virgin until this night, she sat in her seat in awe the whole show, after when asked what did you think she say's "I loved it" yeeeehaaaa another convert! Also got a kick outta watching another TR virgin who was sitting with us and is a big Meatloaf fan he was there to see Kas, he too is now a Todd fan, 2 converts in 1 night! So PLEASE get out and see this tour, you just can't miss this!

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6/06/2004 - Sandusky State Theatre - Sandusky, OH

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