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Last night, My wife and I initiated our ten year old daughter, Natalie, into the world of real music.I dare say, she rocked! Having been exposed through osmosis to heavy rotation of "Liar" over the past three months, she has become a big Ted fan. Her first concerts were In Sync and two Backstreet Boys gigs. Big step up! Now, Laura and I had seen the "Liars" tour a couple of months back in Cleveland. I had not had the benefit of a listen to the new material yet, because she had been hogging the CD, so it was an initiation to me. I do remember initially liking "God Said", "Sweet", and "Past." After familiarizing myself with it afterwards, this concert was much more enjoyable for me! Would love to hear "Stood Up" though. I think it is the best thing Ted has done in years. Very reminiscent of the SA -WATS-TODD era stuff. The band has improved greatly, but how does Ted do it night after night? My throat gets sore just watching him!

This tour was a big risk in regards to offending casual fans and they were out in abundance in Sandusky (the home of the world famous Cedar Point amusement park.) We had the misfortune of sitting directly in front(5th row) of some drunken women who were talking throughout "Beloved Infidel" and others and by the end, had become downright beligerant shouting"play something we know" and calling the band and Ted "losers." Big fans huh? I turned around and asked if they had bothered to read any reviews prior to purchasing their tickets. She said," I paid $38 to hear songs I know......blah, blah, blah." Alice Cooper is appearing in this venue(State Theater) this summer. I told her that she may want to skip that as well and go see one of those rock-n-roll reunion shows where none of the original band members participate.

Anyway, you all know the songs. It was every bit as loud as before! Thanks Ted for giving us an ever changing perspective. The new material is right on target for the things we are all feeling. One of the great voices of our generation continues to be fresh and relevant......and he can still rock the 10 year old crowd too!

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6/06/2004 - Sandusky State Theatre - Sandusky, OH

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