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After not being able to make it to the Cleveland shows in April, It was a miracle that Ted was appearing in Sandusky which is so close to where I live.

Arriving an hour before the show I got in line with the other VIP's to meet OH. After being paraded around we walked into a room where Ted was standing next to a table looking over photos. He turned around and told us that he recently bought a new electric razor and pressed a little too hard on his chin and shaved the skin off! I think he was a little embaressed by it. Anyway, he explained that we didn't have alot of time before the show and allowed those who had cameras to get shots with him. Those who didn't he said he would autograph their items. I think that some people took advantage of him and got both. I met several other Patrons and exchanged e-mail addresses with Steve Paine and his brother so I could send them pictures that I took of them with Ted. Always great to see other people who appreciate a man we admire. Also got to talk to Roger Steel who I haven't seen in quite a while. Hope your wife is coming along okay Roger!

Now to the show, The songlist was roughly the same as others but a few more songs from the new CD than I thought would be played. Flaw, Godsaid, Liar, Past (my favorite), Truth, Sweet and Soulbrother were included in the over 2 hour show.

After reading alot of the other reviews on the shows I hoped that all would go without a hitch. I was with my wife and my brother and his wife. We had seats about 20 feet from the stage. It was great being so close! The sound was a bit muddled but I attributed that to being so close to the speakers. Hopefully those back further from the stage had better sound.

Ted mentioned about the passing of Ronald Regan and that Bush was still alive.

I think that the show was one of the better performances of the band but I sensed a little monotonous burnout was setting in. After all the continual shows since the beginning of April I'm sure they're looking forward to the break before going abroad.

Toward the end of the evening alot of people came down to the front of the stage which made it difficult to see but there were more than security could handle. Ted stopped and asked one "Richard Caranium" for the ciggarette they were smoking. He stomped it out and said that the tobacco makes him hallucinate and he's not even Catholic!

All in all it was an exciting evening being able to meet OH and getting such a close up seat for the show. I will remember this one as one of the best.

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6/06/2004 - Sandusky State Theatre - Sandusky, OH

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