06/05/04 Todd @ Royal Oak

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What a show! This was my sixth time seeing Todd and he didnít disappoint. First off Iíd like to say my only disappointment was having to wait the extra hour to see Todd, but as I told the couple next to me Todd has been late in the past, but the show is always so good you forget about it by the end of the night. Anyway the show started with Truth, and the energy was astounding! Buffalo Grass was next aside from Jesse Gresseís guitar not working the song was great, Todd actually picked up his guitar and gave us a solo at the end of the song. What a showman!

Iíve heard people complain about the set list but I have to say every time you see Todd you never know what he will play. Such is the wonder of Todd. I love the new album I was floored when he played Flaw! I wish he would have played Stood Up, & Afterlife but you canít have everything. The new songs are angry with religious overtones, but the great thing about Todd is his songs are always going to make you think. Such is the wonder of Todd! I brought my son to this show, it was his first concert. He always wanted to know what the big deal about Todd was, now he knows. He hasnít stopped playing Liars since we came home.

Royal Oak Theatre has changed a lot since the last time I was there. All the seats were gone, in favor of bar tables here and there, and was standing room only. The crowd was smaller than any Iíve ever seen, maybe it was because of the rescheduled date. Todd joked that he thought the building had been condemned. This band rocks, everyone in the group was very good. I never seen Utopia live aside from the live videos but I believe this may have been the closest thing. Kasim kept the crowd into it during Green Onions, and I did pick up on the classic Utopian bass lines by Kaz during Born To Synthesize. Todd even fell asleep during the concert but Kaz woke him up what a riot! Lastly the stage show was excellent! I loved the outfits! This was the best Todd show I have been to!!


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6/05/2004 - Royal Oak Theatre - Royal Oak, MI

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