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There was no meet and greet at this venue, it was standing room only. We were pleasantly surprised that VIP people got small tables with chairs right up against the stage. We had the usual people using their kids to sneak up close but couldnít complain! Thanks Todd.

Jesse was seen milling around the audio board before the show chatting for quite some time, the show started at 9pm.

I won't go into details as it's the same show as the others, but what was was very cute, a fan handed Kasim her camera and he took a crowd shot with her camera for her!

The usual 3 times and yer out incident happened, people come on, if you love the artist please do not climb up on their lighting kit to claw the performer. People please, donít become the show! Poor TR his parenting skills shined when he asked her to sit down and to stop it. Security finally took her out of there, this was the same girl who handed Todd some toweling and he wiped his sweat and handed it back to her, perhaps she took TR's act of kindness in the wrong way.

Todd really wailed on Guitar Gently Weeps more so than in Cleveland. I couldn't believe it when he did Flaw! There were kids standing by us and one of the mothers told us that was their childs favorite song!

Jesse did a nice job on guitar too and as always he is a gentle nice man. He had on a braided goatee with a neon orange bead on the end of it, nice touch. He looks so cute in that coolie outfit. Rachel rocks!

This show was flawless, very tight.

Not wanting to interrupt the flow of the show I waited until the encore to hand TR my pink lei with various photos of liars on it ~ it looked great with the striped pimp suit, hey, after all, it *is* Detroit. Detroit loves this soul brother!

Funny how it rained the whole month of May/June and when TR comes to town we had a sunshine day Todd IS Godd. (Come back Todd it is raining again).

Rumor was that we were to wait for a meet and greet afterwards. Jesse came out as did Kasim but security told us that Todd wasnít coming out and to clear the building as he needed to be let out the front door. (Todd IS Godd). We saw Todd leave the building and we go "yikes, there goes Todd". There wasn't really time for a meet and greet it was after midnight and the restaurant TR was heading for closes at midnight!

Upon leaving, I saw a whole lot of fans by the tour bus, but TR was just across the block eating, Kasim spotted our car and waved he is always such a gentleman!

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6/05/2004 - Royal Oak Theatre - Royal Oak, MI

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