Royal Oak Concert 6-5-2004

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WHEW!!! WHAT A SHOW!!! It's been almost 20 years since I've been to Royal Oak to see TR, but, the anticipation and the rush have not diminished a bit.

First of all, it was a gorgeous day and me and my crew met up with Dweick and her husband at the Royal Oak Brewery. Great IPA. First time meeting them and they are wonderful people. Generous to a fault!(thanks again). Once inside the venue, we ran into sjp and mrem. Also ran into a stunning blonde that was at the Cleveland show, but, her name escapes me. Perhaps 1 too many IPA's.

The theater has changed quite a bit since '85. All the seats have been removed and there are tall bar tables scattered about. Personally, I think it's an improvement for seeing shows.

The show started about an hour late, but the company was so good that it didn't really matter. My only worry was that the show might be shortened. Silly me...I was worrying for nothing.

Once the show started, it was spectacular!!! I almost think that they have refined the light show as it seemed even cooler than the last time I saw the show. The set list was the norm and the boys were having fun! The sound was great and, as I've said the light show was way COOL!

The crowd was awesome. Folks dancing, singing and no bitching about no "oldies". Just pure, unadulterated good times!

Todd was in a great mood. Quite a bit more chatty than Cleveland. Kasim was great in that he kept goofin' with my daughters who were at the stage. He even borrowed their camera to take some pictures during the show. Since Cleveland, Ferenzic has added the flute solo to Soul Brother and the birds chirping to the beginning to God Said. The Born To Synthesize routine has gotten longer and funnier.And I'm going to break from the pack here and say that Green Onions is fantastic.

The show was not without its obligatory glitches and odd happenings. Jesse's guitar wouldn't work during the second song (Buffalo Grass I believe). Todd forgot the words to Fascist Christ. Some bonehead pulled the lights in front of Todd off the stage. And someone was hauled out on a stretcher during the show (looked like an ankle thing).

All in all, the only way the night could have been any better is if I would have won the lottery. Oh well...I guess I'll just sit here with my losing tickets and hope I can make it to Osh Kosh in August.


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6/05/2004 - Royal Oak Theatre - Royal Oak, MI

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