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after this, my 58th show since 1974, observations:

1. first half of set excellent. well paced, rocking.
2. second half of set: less well paced, born to synth rendition could be shelved and no one would miss it.
3. when in KC, do not play the beaumont club. the good fans deserve better than this dump. (try the Uptown Theatre, or even my large back yard if necessary! both are better than the beaumont.)
4. add "stood up too fast" to the set.
5. add "slut" to the set, like you did in LA(canyon club solo gig) in 2002.
6. excellent band.
7. having a great band, add some harder rock numbers: public servant, trapped, utopia, do ya(?)!, heavy metal kids, etc.
8. overall good show, but not the best i have seen.

see all in cerritos in september:)

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6/02/2004 - Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO

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